Bark no bite 2 - 7 Mary 3

I can't let you go

Don't let the dark

Be the only place you see me

I'll try to find you something new

That pulls me back to your armsLittle towns are the way we're living

Little white crosses on dangerous curves

Everyone's just dying to get out

They got skills but forgot the nerveTurns me on when you turn me down

Everything inside me turned around

You've been tried and you've been true

And I know that pulled me throughI don't mind you don't know where you're going

I want to go with you

All the things you thought you handed down

They don't shine like they shine for youI remember your phoenix shut it's eyes

And scratched it into my shoulder

Like everything I wish would die

Repeats itself over and overHave I tried?

Am I true?

Did the things I said I'd never do

All that faith and luck and trust

If it's not real it turns to rust

It turns me on when you say your mine

All the things I thought I'd never find

Your attention has it's price

But it's never bark no biteI can't stand the way you tell itTurns me on when you turn me down

Everything inside me turns around

Give me faith and love and trust

Or just crush me into dust

I'm not afraid to pay your price

Because you're never bark no bite