because you're never bark no bite Letra

Kentucky Jones In, "raiders Of The Lost Bark" (part 1) - Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

De Bark Van De Griffioen - Adele Bloemendaal

Black Dog Barking - Airbourne

Do You Hear the Poodles Bark? - Animaniacs

Bark, No Bite - Armored Saint

All Bark No Bite - Axxion

Barker Of The UFO - Bee Gees

Dog Barked - Barry Louis Polisar

Dogs Will Bark - Brother's Keeper

dogs Barking - Cam'ron

[Featuring DMX]

(Cam) Uh let me tell you sumthin'

Act ya age and I ain't even matta fact listen to me

Let me tell you sumthin Verse 1 (Camron)


Don't make me come at ya'll/Ya'll don't wanna brawl/Make me run at


gun at ya'll / take it all run it all / actually theres a front it


lemme talk to ya'll/ done it all/ya'll ain't even begun ta


spring, summer, fall,/tha cream still stackin if tha fiends still

crackin/you the same one cryin', for that Billy Jean jacket/black

fever,/ pussy ass, don't smoke no pot neither/

mommy take care of ya high fever/neighborhood watch leader/

close the drapes up,/ make the tape duct/tape ya face up,/ I fuck wit

more powder, than makeup/get 'em laced up,/ P doe, have a party for


brotha/15 minutes, but I feel sorry for ya motha/

I kill like the greats did,/ had a state bid/for stashin little Nate/

(DMX) He was only eight,/ (Cam) but I hate kids/I know all parents


they experts/, but yo my TEC bursts is death spurts/

wet hearts and Guess shirts,/ what!

Uh, Uh, Uh



Verse 2 (DMX)

Lets get it on baby (what)cause I'm ready to start/take the locks of


cage cause I'm ready to bark/and niggaz gonna know when its on/for the

heart/niggaz gonna go when its on/

muthafuckas, mad trucks you know they feelin' it/I'm flippin' it to

niggaz got them thinkin' that they real in it/you hear that/but don't


near that/you better fear that/you was the one that wanted to have the

house wit the the pool right, where it at/


don't make me bite you/I used to fuck wit yo' sista don't make me


you/see how I play wit it/but stay wit it/I'm ok with it/

I'll do it, but he will be the nigga that they say did it/what you


know is gonna get you fucked up/and when you don't roll its gonna get

you stuck up/niggaz want what (what), thats what I thought/

Dark Man baby, X for short/

What, what, what, uh, what, what, uh, what, what



Verse 3

(DMX) Runnin' around niggaz like circles I hurt you/"did I do


like Urkel/I jerk you/

(Cam) Yo, aiyyo, its Harlem World NY yo what/try yo luck/but I know

what/niggaz won't know how you're stuck/body right beside your truck/,


(DMX) But they're screamin' I'm screamin'/but they're screamin' ice

creamin/they should have fuckin' known there was no such thing as an



(Cam) Aiyyo, you dogs don't play wit me/I'll beat yo' ass from A to

Z/bag you up like A & P/DMX n' KFC/

(DMX) Bench nigga/I'm a bless niggaz/ wit my slugs/stress niggaz/I'm a

wet niggaz/ wit my thugs/

(Cam) Yo, yo, aiyyo when niggaz like to act ain't no wonder I

creep/aiyyo don't make me put ya ass nigga, under my feet/

(DMX) Ha ha, hold me down baby bark at ya dog/let me know if its real

walk in tha fog/

(Cam) And then we hit 'em/

(DMX) Slap 'em/

(Cam) Click 'em/

(DMX) Cap 'em/

(Cam) Stick 'em/

(DMX) Tap 'em/

(BOTH) Muthafuckas all know how we have 'em, what!

(dogs Barking)

(DMX) Where my dogs at? (what)

Uh, where my dogs at? (what, uh)

Uh, where my dogs at? (what)

Cam, my nigga.


(Cam) DMX, Cam'Ron, Def Jam, Untertainment, what.


Waves Of Bark And Light - Circulatory System

Barking - Citizen Fish

Not Because The Fox Barks - Current 93

Ruth and Naomi at rest

In the people of their people

The desert is awake

Flicks its pale moon eyes

Cows and crows roam

And consume dead branches

The Lord is on the hooves

His vastness blinds the tombs

And Aleph broods

Creating starlings with brightness

And breathing planets and cloudsThis is Terminal Eden

Killer of dreams

Of hopes

Of galaxies

Here the Gnostic Fox sets up his throne and stall

Docetic or just mimetic?

Dying or running from the ⲥⲧⲁⲩⲣⲟⲥ?

Or just dissolving like smiles?

Back to the Vast Aleph?

Or off at the drop to Amen Ra?I am Aleph

I am Adam

The fish stream home

And uphill the sentries wait with ferocious spears

Practising thrusts on clouds

Clown with camels and jade

Sugar coy in the mist

Perfumes sour in her birth

But shining in shadows

Friend to historiesThe Moon is with Aleph

Tucked under his shoulderThe Sun is with Adam

Tucked under his shoulderCain is with Aleph and Adam and I

Sneaking between my legs


Sliding into my thoughts


In between the sheets

Dreaming and waiting for seeds

Dreaming of rehabilitation or redemptionCan you hear my name?

Can you hear my name?

Can you post my name?

Can you claim my name?

I am nameless I am Aleph


And I am Adam



And MurdererThe old man

Window in the room

Cracks open the face

He was givenWarface grasps burn

In amente

All of them weiner

Conquered hooksNot because the fox barks

I heard of your wisdom

Not because man barks

Not because man howls

Not because Aleph stopped

Trains and sapphires

Clear as rain and Adam

Not because falls

Not as the fox barks

The legend was a he at sea

Christ arose in glory

A rose in glory

Christ is the Rose

And Murdered smiled and cried

Alone through the window

The cripple and the corn

How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around? - Dr. John

Now you say you ain't never met my wife, you ain't never seen her befo,'

Say you ain't been hangin' roun' my crib; well here's somethin' I wanna know

I wanna know what in the worl' is goin' down,How come my dog don't bark when you come around?I got the baddest dog, he'll bite anybody.

He bit my little brother, took a chunk out of my ol' sweet li'l mother.

He bit the mailman - he sees him every day; he takes one look at you, he wanna jump up and play.

Now I ain't got a clue as to what you puttin' down, butHow come my dog don't bark when you come around?My dog's dangerous; tried to set people straight;

I even bought a "BAD DOG" sign an' hung it on the gate.

Here you come trippin' up 'bout a quarter of nine

Fulla dat Night Train wine, tryin' to slide past the sign…My dog been noddin' off, ain't payin' you no mind.

That's my dog, when I come home he don't sleep THAT sound!How come my dog don't bark when you come around?I still don't like it, I don't dig it one damn bit,

The way you an' my dog's so tight, somethin' don't fit!

I slipped through the alley, I called my dog,

Said, "get off your rusty duster, move a little faster to your ol' master, you old cayute, you."He took one look at me, an' he growled an' he ran straight to you.

Now somebody's been confusin' my po' hound.

An I wanna know what's goin' down.How come my dog don't bark when you come around?Maybe I better call up Jacoby & Myers, an' you can take the fifth, amendment, that is.

You better stand up fo' your rights, 'cause you might not be standin' too long.

I'm gonna stop all this confusion. I'm gon' fire that hound., shoot that dog down.

Then I'm gonna get busy mutilatin, strangulatin' operatin', an' crematin' my Ol' Lady down at the cremation station.

Then I'm gonna torch that, too, and come right on after you!You can give you heart an' soul to charity; all the rest gonna belong to me.I'm goin' straight down to dat barber supply shop, get me a pearl handle, double edge, hollow ground, super blue blade, adjustable, stainless steel, honed edge, both blades on the same side so when I cut you once, you gonna bleed twice, goin' an' comin'. An' if you don' believe me, shake yo' head; it'll be singin' "I ain't got no body."'Cause one night I did a little FBI Double-O-Seven-type investigatin'. You an' my Ol' Lady thought I was gone, but I wasn't gone. Dat's why I have to separate you from your ground. An the only soun' you gonna hear when you six feet in the ground:How come my dog didn't bark when you came around?

Bark - Expire

Barking At The Moon - Flash And The Pan

Bark At The Moon - Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

Dark Side Of The Bark - Frown

My Dog Can't Bark - George Thorogood

My Dog Can't Bark 1 - George Thorogood And The Destroyers